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About Ky, Mission Statement 

Ky Washington has performed and toured in Africa, the Caribbean, and Cuba. Founder and musical director of Manjani  African Dance company in San Diego California. Ky has worked in the field of Mental Health since 1975. To add to his credits, he has used his drum therapy at the Betty Ford Center, Charter Hospital, Bayview Hospital, The San Diego Job Corps, and has created therapeutic drum circles in Southern California and the Mid-West. Incorporating Tai Chi and meditation. 

Drumming Circles will provide bonding with staff and peers (staff involvement encouraged). Promotes Stimulation, Meditation by simple repetitious application of hand patterns and percussive instruments. Promotes / Creates Cohesiveness, Socialization, and Communication through Group Dynamics. Releases emotions through healthy alternatives and explores other healthy distractions from everyday stress and ancestral Grief. 

Mission statement:

 Sun drummer’s mission is to assist in healing mental and emotional stress while integrating mindfulness in education through music medicine. The goal, facilitating the healing drum and rhythm expressions will assist in the easing of anxiety and stress and to help promote socialization, provide feelings of comfort, cohesiveness any joy by beginning the healing journey and introduce music medicine to diverse groups/individuals and incorporate this age-old therapy in part of behavior health.


The Healing Drum 

The healing drum has been used since the beginning of time in every culture since the onset of existence and has documented therapeutic evidenced results. 

Music is one of the oldest forms of spiritual medicine known to humanity. Music—when approached through the lens of empowerment, simplicity, creativity, and calm—can provide the support we need in life’s challenging moments and can become part of our daily routine for spirituality and health.

This treasure has been with us since the beginning of time. No war can destroy it. No religion can claim it. Healers have carried its tunes to wounded souls. It reunites you with your own natural rhythm and helps you find your zone. Drum/music therapy creates cohesiveness, socialization, brings down that cloak, that mask and can bring out the inner child. What I called the natural heartbeat which is felt at 5 weeks gestation.

Stress Reduction.

 Can calm your emotions, using a physical/psychological pathway to reduce depression and post pandemic stress.  Discovers a sense of expression, inclusion, relaxation and belonging. The healing drum works well in many aspects of improving mental health.

Biological Response

Biological effects on the brain:

Cytokine: a category of signaling modules that mediate and regulate immunity, information and hematopoiesis, immunological responses: is how the body recognizes and defends itself against, bacteria, viruses, and substances that appear foreign.


Modulate: keeps proper measure.


Demarcated: determines the limits and sets boundaries.


Plasma-catecholamine: Hormones made by your adrenalin glands-located @ the top of our kidneys, including dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine.


Hematopoiesis: Produces blood cells, blood plasma; interferon: -Gamma: any of the group of glycoproteins that are produced by different cell types in response to a various stimulus.


Lymphocytes: response to arthritis: A type of white cell in the immune system of jawed vertebrates, including Natural Killer cells, and B cells they are the main type of cell found in the Lymph-which prompted its name.


Natural Killer cells: Kills cancer cells forms an immune synapse to deliver an ethel hit -initiate response to cancer, provide the 1st line of defense against many viruses:


T-Lymphocyte: T- cells are a part of the immune system and develop from the stem cells in the bone marrow. They help the body from infections and may fight cancer. CD4-+cells; Helps coordinate the immune response. Cholecystokinin-lFN-gamma. An important regulatory of production of 1g2a antibody.





Science-based Healing

Improves immune response: 

Improves mood and modulated immunological responses in a direction opposite to that associated with stress: (in a classroom setting). Inspires creativity and bonding in a group setting. Participating in one session, often promotes identifiable and meaningful connections as well as establishing cohesiveness. 


Reversing stress effects your DNA. The result of amelioration of stress induces GENOMIC expressing support: The underlying premise DRUM-THERAPY- modulation of individualized - GENOVIC induction signatures in peripheral blood presents a new opportunity for elucidating the dynamics of HUMAN STRESS -RESPONSE. Human stress and relaxation responses may-be controlled by different molecular pathways Relaxation through active engagement in recreational drumming may-be more effective than a quiet reading altering gene expression and thus more clinically useful for stress amelioration